Office e-waste recycling

EC Sustainable has developed a policy to recycle all of its computer related e-waste from its Sydney operations. Material will be taken by staff to the SITA Australia transfer station at Ryde. read more →

EC Sustainable – Proud Partner of the Love Food Hate Waste Program

The NSW EPA estimates that NSW households and businesses throw away 1.2 million tonnes of food organics each year. EC Sustainable research with Sustainability Victoria identified that two thirds of all food organics wasted by households was avoidable products such as unconsumed edible material, with only a third being unavoidable material such as peelings and skins. This.. read more →

Sustainability Victoria Food Waste Study Published

Sustainability Victoria contracted EC Sustainable to undertake an Australian pioneering study to benchmark the potential for food waste avoidance. Bin audits were conducted of 1,600 Victorian households to obtain data indicators on the avoidable and potentially avoidable food disposed. The audit found that nearly two thirds of the food thrown out by Victorian households in.. read more →