Waste Management Strategy and Planning

Waste Management Strategy and PlanningOur services across the waste sector support clients with the effective strategic planning and implementation of collection and disposal services.

Wider than this our environmental consulting experience broadens these activities through research and planning approaches developed on a bespoke basis for clients through our environmental consulting division.

Waste and recycling service review and maintenance is as important in the drive for sustainability as other aspects such as water, transport and energy.

Services provided through EC Sustainable’s environmental consulting team include:

  • Strategic review
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Environment Plans
  • Education action plans
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Functional review is a typical starting point – working with you, our environmental consulting staff would help develop a process across a review of your existing documentation and resources, enabling environmental consulting strategic services to support you to best effect.

Sustainability Consultancy – Policies and Plans

EC Sustainable undertakes preparation, assessment and review of local waste minimisation plans, local environment plans (LEP’s), development control plans (DCP’s), and policies relating to sustainability and the environment.

For example EC has reviewed Waste Not DCP’s and can assist developers to meet the implementation requirements.

Waste Strategy and Waste Plans

EC Sustainable develops waste strategies and waste plans for government and business sectors to minimise waste to landfill with a focus on cost-effective waste avoidance and resource recovery as well service efficiency and cost reduction.

A waste strategy or waste plan can be produced for:

  • State Government or Local Government to inform collection and processing options and service configurations.
  • A business generating waste to inform corporate sustainability and collection and processing options and onsite systems.
  • New developments – per project for the construction phase and building operation phase, as required by planning or the consent authority, such as in a Development Control Plan (DCP).
  • A waste or recycling processing facility including an assessment of infrastructure and onsite systems.

The waste strategy may be accompanied by additional data collection such as auditing and consultation programs. EC Sustainable has a unique insight into the composition of waste and resource streams and various service configuration options, developed through its extensive auditing and consulting experience. EC Sustainable combines this knowledge to deliver a complete waste strategy and waste plan solution.

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