Tenders and Contracts

Government organisations and businesses benefit from collection and disposal arrangements with a focus on price certainty and disposal security.

As waste collection and disposal services are high cost items we focus on helping to ensure that service providers progress adhering to the client’s requirements. Tender processes and negotiations seek to support clients’ commercial and environmental outcomes to suit the circumstances. EC Sustainable can carry out contract review and can prepare background and tendering documentation and contract specifications and conditions. Due to the holistic approach of our service, offering this work is typically an outcome from the strategy review and strategy development process.

When contracts are in place we can provide contract monitoring support. Professional third party monitoring can be handled on a project or annual basis by EC Sustainable. We work to identify and monitor:

  • Conditions in contracts and tender agreements
  • Waste and recycling generation
  • Collection frequency and accuracy
  • Optimisation of collection points
  • Quality of material disposal
  • Operational efficiencies and compliance, across waste / recycling processing facilities
  • Adherence to WHS requirements
  • Education outcomes