Subject to licensing requirements, EC Sustainable assists clients to improve their public place locations using the CCAT© (Clean Communities Assessment Tool*).

The CCAT tool allows trained staff to systematically rate and survey your public place locations, resulting in a report highlighting good performing areas and recommending actions to reduce litter, improve safety and improve overall site functionality.

EC Sustainable has experience rating and surveying:

Malls ž| Beaches |ž Parks |ž Markets |ž Transport Hubs |ž Shops |ž Public Buildings |ž Water Fronts

The tool has excellent benefits:

  • Objectively evaluate ‘before, during and after’ litter prevention programs.
  • Identify local litter hotspots and work out how to improve the causes.
  • Determine features of clean areas and replicate in other locations.
  • Receive tailored, practical recommendations to guide improvements.
  • Compare your results with statewide benchmarks and other councils.
  • Understand your community’s perceptions and satisfaction with your current public place management.

Our fully trained consultants can help implement change in your public place locations by using the CCAT tool to deliver litter counts, litter source analysis, site assessments, safety assessments and social research surveys which gather quantitative and qualitative data on your community’s perceptions.

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*The Clean Communities Assessment Tool is an initiative of Rob Curnow and Karen Spehr, Community Change. The original CCAT Methodology was designed in 2003.