WHSMS and ISO 4804

Organisations have a legal and social responsibility to provide employees and colleagues a safe and healthy work environment. Injuries can have a major time, financial and human cost as well as intangible costs such as loss of reputation and reduced chance of acquiring business. EC Sustainable continues to exceed industry best practice in Work Health and Safety and Environment Management and is currently implementing an ISO-14001 management system (not yet certified).

Implementing Safety Management systems offer many advantages:

  • Identifying and eliminating hazards to reduce risk.
  • Providing work processes and instructions to staff that increases productivity and enhances safety.
  • Monitoring verification of continuous improvement.
  • Certification can be a requirement for tenders.
  • Certifying for safety can reduce insurance premiums.

Components of a Work Safety Management systems can include:

  • WHS Policy.
  • WHS Objectives and Targets.
  • WHS Management Plan.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments.
  • Monitoring

EC Sustainable can assist your organisation by developing and implementing these systems with you.

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