15 Dec 2014

Carbon Footprint Inventory Update

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EC Sustainable engaged Carbon Neutral again to conduct an assessment of our organisational greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, also known as Carbon Footprint, for the 2013/14 financial year.

EC Sustainable’s organisational Carbon Footprint has been calculated at 77.83 tonnes CO2-e (equivalent carbon dioxide) for 2013/14 with the main GHG emitting activities being related to fuel consumed by fleet vehicles and air travel. EC Sustainable’s carbon footprint has greatly decreased since its last assessment in 2012: which was 213 tonnes CO2-e.

These emissions have been reduced by purchasing accredited Green Power so that net GHG emissions are 72.66 t CO2-e for the reporting period.

In addition to currently purchasing 100% Greenpower, EC Sustainable has decided to reduce its carbon footprint by offsetting part of its emissions through purchasing Revegetation Carbon Offsets. This will go towards native tree planting programs such as revegetating the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor in Western Australia. To date, this program has helped plant over 18 million mixed native tree and shrubs species across 9,800 hectares.

Our goal at EC Sustainable is to decrease our overall greenhouse gas emissions by reducing GHG emitting activities and purchasing offsets where necessary and possible. 


EC Sustainable turns its emissions into trees with Carbon Neutral


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