19 Nov 2015

EC Sustainable commitment to 100% recycled printing paper

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At EC Sustainable we only use office paper with a high recycling content for our business printing needs. One of our sustainable purchasing policies is to always buy 100% recycled content printing paper.

Planet Ark, an Australian not-for-profit organisation assisting community behaviour change in sustainability, advocates for the use of paper with a high recycled content. To assist businesses to make the switch, Planet Ark has teamed up with Australian Paper in the “Make It Recycled partnership”. Planet Ark says that “Australian Paper’s new $90 million waste paper recycling facility at the Maryvale Mill in Victoria has the capacity to divert 80,000 tonnes of waste paper from landfill or export and greatly increase the production of local recycled paper.” More information is available at PlanetArk.org/MakeItRecycled.

Kevin Morgan, Managing Director of EC Sustainable says “The 100% recycled paper is great quality these days, with a range of options available. A small price premium is more than worth the value in saving resources in our opinion.”

He continues, “Our staff are also required to minimise the use of printing where possible, to avoid the generation of paper waste in line with the waste hierarchy of reduce, reuse and recycle. All of our printers are set to print double-sided and two pages per side as default.”

EC Sustainable offers organisations waste audits, recycling audits, and waste and recycling action plans to assist them to reduce resource use and increase reuse and recycling. More information on EC Sustainable audits.





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