02 Jul 2013

NevRwaste 360L bin trial assessment

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The North East Victorian Regional Waste Management Group (NevRwaste) recently conducted a successful 360L recycling bin trial with selected residents. Residents in selected collection areas could choose to increase from a standard 240L bin to a 360L bin.

EC Sustainable monitored the effectiveness of the larger recycling bins in achieving additional resource recovery from participating households. An audit was implemented in Wangaratta that measured key data indicators such as generation rate of waste and recycling, contamination rate in the recycling bins and diversion rate within the whole kerbside bin system.

Richard Paschke, the NevRwaste project officer found the report assisted their decision-making processes:

The audit provided a great insights into the changes that occurred due to the provision of a bigger bin. Again we found that EC Sustainable left a very positive impression with our members


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