Organics Marketing and Product Development

EC Sustainable completed a number of market development projects for recycled organics product manufacturers in three states of Australia.

The projects include the following tasks:

  • Literature and technical product reviews including testing
  • Match product suitability technically with potential market segments
  • Review and develop professional marketing kits, brochures and collateral
  • Database potential customers in each market segment for each product type
  • Identify competitive profiles of competing products and organisations
  • Identify product gaps and make recommendations
  • Conduct market forecasting and market scenariosOrganic Markets
  • Consider Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s) and market directly to potential customers including delivery of samples
  • Implement placement trials and generate sales
  • Conduct marketing events and workshops
  • Review product branding strategies
  • Survey and monitor customers and customer satisfaction
  • Project management.