29 Jan 2015

EC Sustainable to undertake bin and bin room renewal program assessment for City of Sydney

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EC Sustainable has been engaged by the Council of the City of Sydney to undertake Waste and Recycling Improvement Program (WRIP) assessments of Multi-unit Dwellings  (MUDs) within the City of Sydney Local Government Area (LGA).
This includes a bin reconciliation, then liaising with buildings, assessing their bin requirements, installing signage and managing the delivery and change-over of mobile garbage bins.
The study includes over 1,900 apartment buildings in the City, where approximately three quarter of the City’s residents currently live.
The aim of the program is to update apartment building’s waste management systems to ensure they have the correct type and number of bins, appropriate signage and building managers are educated on how to use the City’s waste services.
The project is designed to lead to improved resource recovery and service efficiency, and will initially be conducted from now until May 2015.

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