18 Apr 2024

EC Sustainable nominated for a Cityswitch Champion Award

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EC Sustainable has been nominated by CitySwitch for excellence in reducing waste at the 2024 CitySwitch Champion Awards May 2024. This recognition underlines our achievements and commitment to reducing the internal waste generated at our offices and facilities.

Our efforts in implementing a range of initiatives have contributed to this achievement:

  1. Regular visual waste assessments before disposal
  2. Waste re-sorted for if recoverables are identified
  3. Many internal recovery options available in the head office:
    1. Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) bin
    2. Container recycling (not CDS) bin
    3. Paper and cardboard recycling bin
    4. Mobile recycling bin
    5. Battery recycling bin
    6. Toner recycling bin
    7. Shredded paper recycling (delivered to PetTown Chatswood for animal bedding)
    8. Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling (delivered to NSROC CRC)
  4. Sustainable procurement policy
  5. Sales of reusable goods
  6. Education, such as for single-use plastics avoidance
  7. Reusable coffee cup initiative
Using the CDS recycling bin
Using the CDS recycling bin
Delivering shredded paper to PetTown, Chatswood
Delivering shredded paper to PetTown, Chatswood


CitySwitch is a national sustainability program that supports office tenants and building owners to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Being recognized as a CitySwitch Champion is a testament to our ongoing efforts to implement innovative waste reduction strategies and promote sustainable practices within our organization and beyond.

EC Sustainable assist our customers to reduce and avoid waste and increasing recycling through our services; waste and recycling audits, plans and strategies.