28 Apr 2015

Furniture waste is a growing problem

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Furniture waste keep increasing for many reasons. The main one being the poor quality of cheap furniture. When buying furniture, we should focus on quality and long-term use and consider this an investment. Cheap furniture will usually end up in landfill after a few years of use, which is a waste of money and also a waste of resources (i.e. logging, manufacturing and transport). If your furniture are still in good shape, bring them to your local Vinnies or Salvos store or hold a garage sale instead or throwing them away.

Unfortunately, furniture are far from being the only things we throw away. Let’s cut the amount of things we discard by applying the 7 R’s: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Rot (compost) and Recycle.

EC Sustainable Director Kevin Morgan was recently asked to give his views on furniture waste as part of an article written by Handkrafted, a website that helps you find a passionate furniture maker near you.

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