24 Apr 2015

Global Soil Week at EC Sustainable

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As part of Global Soil Week 2015, EC Sustainable sponsored the Centre for Organic Research & Education (CORE)  to deliver 300 tonnes of compost to farms South-west of Sydney. The compost will be used to manage weeds and improve the soil across 150 hectares of farmland.

CORE operates a sustainable agriculture program for farms in Australia, including the supply of organic material for degraded soils.

Eric Love, Chairman of CORE, said “the reuse or organic material in soil is vital to the productivity of our farmland now and in the future”.

Mr Love continued, “The results of the program have shown reduced weed growth, lower artificial fertiliser use and greater moisture holding capacity of the soil reducing water use and reducing erosion”.

Global Soil Week raises awareness about the value of our soil. Their statistics indicate that the earth is losing 24 billion tonnes of soil each year due to erosion, and one quarter of the Earth’s surface is already degraded affecting 1.5 million people. Global Soil Week 2015 occurred from 19 to 23 April 2015. Applying a sustainable soil management can lead to an average crop yield increase of 58%.


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