Community Consultation & Engagement

The key to successful waste management and effective resource recovery is the engagement, involvement and input if the respective communities. Constructive community input facilitates the planning and strategy necessary to meet the needs of communities.

EC Sustainable can provide skills and experience to ensure that the provision of services are influenced and supported by your community.

Stakeholder research is fundamental to successful implementation of any sustainability program.

EC Sustainable has expertise and experience in environmental and social marketing consultancy as well as in change management.

We have worked with a large number of Government and private sector organisations carrying out stakeholder and market research and surveys in the sustainability and waste areas. This includes the preparation of educational materials and strategies based on stakeholder surveys and interview results.

The EC Sustainable project team has extensive experience in researching, developing and delivering consultancies designed to inform and influence more sustainable, better environmental practices.

The EC Sustainable team has experience in stakeholder and market research and waste research for market change. The team includes:

  • Marketing expertise.
  • Stakeholder research expertise.
  • Sustainability expertise.
  • Local Government waste management expertise.
  • Private sector waste management expertise and research expertise.
  • Business management and strategy expertise.