Surveys, Workshops and Focus Groups

Developments in the waste industry landscape impact the decision making process of evaluating and implementing integrated waste management infrastructure and community solutions.

Decision making is only as good as the information that directs the decision making process. EC Sustainable’s has extensive experience in planning, designing, implementing and analysing a wide range of research and survey campaigns to assist local government in developing a clear path forward and select approaches that best suit individual local government needs.

Operators in the waste management sector are offering a variety of different technologies which can often create confusion when trying to decide on the most suitable approaches for your local government. Consequently there can be uncertainty about which alternatives are best suited to achieving waste diversion targets.

This is where a consultation strategy including planning a workshop and focus group framework alongside surveys can help organisations such as local governments and business to:

  • Identify resource recovery opportunities in a workshop environment.
  • Deliberate successful methods for implementing waste and resource recovery systems with an emphasis on managing inorganic and organic waste.
  • Develop a clear path forward and select approaches that best suit individual needs.
  • Assist organisations with their short, medium and long term waste and resource recovery system planning.
  • Our team has developed modular and bespoke workshop formats to focus on all aspects of resource recovery in the context of your total waste systems from kerbside to market.

Topics have included: collection methods and systems, processing technology options, cost impacts, markets and beneficial re-use.