Bin Reconciliations

A bin reconciliation will identify the bin size, type and conformance at each survey point audited. Reconciliations are conducted for houses, units, businesses, mixed use buildings and public places.
Bin reconciliations often save Councils money and time and result in improved database accuracy.

In addition the extra benefits can include:

  • Knowing exactly what is being presented in your LGA.
  • The type, size and number of bins presented.
  • Comparisons to rates databases.
  • Presentation rates.
  • The condition of bins presented (lid colours, wheels, split bins, graffiti).
  • Percentage full of bins presented for contracts and new services.
  • Key materials present (bin lid lift survey).
  • Maintain and develop accurate rates databases.
  • Know which services are being over/under used.

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Bin Reconciliation

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