Facilities & Venues

Today, venues and facilities for events, conferences and other uses need to cater for a diverse range of stakeholders including sponsors, investors and venue use clientele. This, along with the substantial costs of key services such as waste, requires an effective waste management process.

EC Sustainable conducts waste and recycling audits to benchmark a facility or venue’s current level of performance. In addition to auditing services, we provide further advice on developing resource recovery efficiency and offer consultancy services to support waste planning, develop waste strategy and improve sustainability performance.

Our waste and recycling auditing services include outcome requirements such as:

  • Operational and contractual compliance.
  • Cost reduction and operational efficiency.
  • Sustainability advice and educational activities.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Monitoring trials of bin systems, collection technologies and onsite processing equipment.

EC Sustainable also offers associated consultancy services including:

  • Develop and review policies and sustainability communications.
  • Waste management plans and strategies.
  • Green team support.
  • Bin systems, collection technologies and onsite processing equipment.
  • Employee engagement, consultation and training.
  • Greenhouse gas reporting and compliance.