Tertiary Education

Tertiary Education facilities present specific environments and unique timing considerations. EC Sustainable offers a flexible waste audit service to accommodate these factors. Our waste and recycling auditing services include outcome requirements such as:

  • Waste recycling auditing and assessment.
  • Operation and site efficiency.
  • Tertiary Education Facilities Management Association Inc (TEFMA) guidelines.
  • Operational compliance and sustainability advice.
  • Strategic waste management planning.
  • Reviewing and monitoring contracts and working with clients on procurement.
  • Cost assessments and pricing advice.

EC Sustainable also offers associated consultancy services including:

  • Collection and disposal assessments.
  • Reviewing and advising on resource recovery opportunities.
  • Assessment and recommendations on waste contract agreements, procurement and costs.
  • Improving operation and site resource recovery efficiency.
  • Identifying greenhouse gas reporting and compliance requirements.
  • Monitoring equipment efficiency and trialing new approaches and systems to the facilities processes.