Kerbside Residential Waste Systems

EC Sustainable is specialised in residential waste sytems auditing using a team of highly trained field staff and consultants.

EC Sustainable auditors deliver bin surveys, waste and recycling compositional assessments and bin reconciliations for any kerbside collected material stream assessed to generate data to:

  • Measure progress towards target.
  • Measure progress towards legislation.
  • Measure the effectiveness of new trials and service options.
  • Increase resource recovery, segregation of materials and minimise waste disposal.
  • Verify rates databases and charge.
  • Enable cost savings.

The outcomes of a physical compositional waste audit may include the following for any of the streams studied:

  • Bin proportion full.
  • Unrecovered resources for each recycling bin system.
  • Contamination rates.
  • Resource recovery rates for each recyclable.
  • Diversion rates.
  • Scenario statistics for additional future service options.
  • Hazardous item liability yield rates and counts.
  • Performance results between geographical areas or between household types such as small apartments, large unit complexes and houses.

Residential Kerbside Systems

EC Sustainable can provide detailed statistical sampling, detailed data analysis, trained sorters, equipment and vehicles.

Sample collection can be conducted either by individual household using a bag method or using the aggregated load method in a rear or side loader.

Best Practice Houshold Bins:
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