Landfills & Transfer Stations

In many jurisdictions the available landfill space is declining. Progressive thinking and decision-making by site operators can make the most of remaining airspace capacity. Enhancing the value of the remaining resource provides a competitive advantage.

EC Sustainable provides auditing and advisory services to landfill and transfer station operators to:

  • Maximise the operating efficiency within their network of facilities.
  • Increase the lifespan of landfills.

By engaging EC Sustainable to conduct a landfill or transfer station audit, our clients receive improved disposal and recycling composition data. Depending on your needs, an audit may involve a detailed onsite physical survey of disposal materials or a desk-top review of weighbridge data systems.

Using the audit data, EC Sustainable can:

  • Assess resource recovery options.
  • Review pricing policies.
  • Improve operation & site efficiency.
  • Identify greenhouse gas reporting & compliance requirements.
  • Provide a business plan & recommendations.

EC Sustainable delivers:

  • NGERS – Assessment and reporting capability.
  • Compliance Audit – Understand types of waste disposed and carbon reporting obligations.
  • Design and site plans – Maximise landfill operating lifespan with optimal design features.
  • Carbon Tax – Assess liability and design mitigation strategies, support GHG reporting & compliance requirements.
  • Business Plan – A plan to deliver regulatory compliance and business performance objectives.
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