Warehouses & Manufacturing

The manufacturing and distribution environment can present unique challenges when looking for effective waste solutions. Waste tracking, analysis and planning activity provides opportunities for cost savings and efficiencies as well as improved Work Health and Safety (WHS). Our team members conduct waste and recycling audits in a range of industrial environments to advise and support manufacturing and distribution organisations of any size.

Our waste and recycling auditing services include outcome requirements such as:

  • Waste rates to product throughput.
  • Waste rates to product output.
  • Impact of suppliers on site waste generation.
  • National Packaging Covenant (NPC) data.
  • Contractual and operational compliance.
  • Cost reduction and operational efficiency.
  • Greenstar ratings.
  • Monitoring trials of bin systems, collection technologies and onsite processing equipment


EC Sustainable also offers associated consultancy services including:

  • Collection and disposal assessments.
  • Warehouse manufacturingReviewing and advising on resource recovery opportunities.
  • Assessment and recommendations on waste contract agreements, procurement and costs.
  • Improving operation and site resource recovery efficiency.
  • Identifying greenhouse gas reporting and compliance requirements.
  • Providing a waste management plan and recommendations.
  • Monitoring equipment efficiency and trialing new approaches and systems to the facilities processes.